About Pvp-Paradox

Pvp-Paradox is a highly developed rsps. We have all skills working. We hope you enjoy the server and continue playing.

There are many players daily, I update and code weekly. There are many bosses, Minigames, Staking, Gambling, Much more. Me and the other staff and players; Hope you have a wonderful time.

Staff; Ect.

We only choose top notch staff, All of the staff will be in great use of help for you. They are never chosen for no reason, Every staff member has played for a long time.

Also, If you ever need a staff ING, Please type ::Ticket In Game. Thank you.


  1. Added Selling In G.E.
  2. Prestige Mode.
  3. Quests and more improvments.

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Donating And Voting Is now Open.
Voting and Donating will help a major part in the server. It would mean so much just for a vote. One vote does mean something. Please help us by voting daily and Donating. For rewards of course.

Voting & Donating
If you want to donate please go in game and talk to an administrator about it. If you would like to Vote Please Click 'Vote' or click the vote tab. Do not trust anyone but Coolmax750 or Paradox.